Friday, March 7, 2008

Our Favourite Lunch

So, I've always wanted to post about our favourite lunch. It's a little weird, but my kids beg for it all the time! And even Rachel loves it now! I got this from my friend, Trina, when she had us for a playdate and lunch one day. It's very simple. Tomato soup and noodles! While the soup is warming in one pot, I boil the noodles in another. Shells are the favourite at our house, but elbow macaroni or rotini works well too. Then, you fill up bowls with the noodles and ladle the tomato soup over the top. (Less soup for the very young - then it's less messy!) When, my friend Trina first served this to us, I was a bit skeptical! But, it's surprisingly good! You should try it, and let me know how your family votes. I always serve this with baby carrots and sliced cucumbers. I think I'll go make up this lunch right now.... :-)

P.S. Inspiration to finally post this is from one of Emily's latest posts. She was requesting new lunchtime ideas!


GE is me said...

I forgot about tom. soup & noodles- good idea to go with grilled cheese. :)
Fluff is marshmallow fluff. It comes in a tub(32 oz I think)& unfortunately it is one of my downfalls. I could sit & eat it by the spoonfuls. I try not to do so in front of the children, so I'm not setting a bad example though.

This is my 1st time to your blog, although I've seen it on other people's blog rolls. I like what you have to say about yourself in your personal profile. I think this is what we all need.(well, I know I do.) Looking at some of your fav. movies- I love sound of music & mary poppins as well. I also like return of the titans w/Denzel Washington.

God Bless, -Gail

Karen said...

Pb and j are the main thing around here! Nothing exciting!

Karen said...

LOVE the new look.... have fun in sun! Can't wait to see the pictures!