Sunday, August 17, 2008

Hurry Up - We're Late!!

A few days ago, my friend, Mindy, blogged about her thoughts on being late. To read what she had to say, click here. I responded with a very long comment. Here were some of my own thoughts.

"Interesting you would post this! I was just late yesterday to a birthday party, and it caused me great stress along the way. (Be sure to scroll down to the next post to see pictures of a very fun and unique party!) I do agree with your statement. I was raised in a family that was also right on time or a little bit early. It's definitely easier to hold to that conviction when you have only yourself to worry about. After I got married, things got slightly more complicated, but we were still on time. Then, we had kids! As a mom, being on time is definitely a challenge! It seems that no matter how organized and efficient I am, something always comes up. You wouldn't believe how many times I've gotten everyone in the car, and then have to come back in because the baby just pooped in their diaper or spit up all over the car seat and themselves. Or when you're potty training and suddenly, they have to go potty "right now," but they don't quite make it and we have to go change... Anyway, you get the idea. Yesterday for the party, we were on schedule and all was well. We had rushed to get to that point, but we were O.K. On the way, I was going to stop at Wendy's and grab burgers for everyone to eat in the car. Well, wouldn't you know, the drive-thru was closed and the line inside was incredibly long! We got back in the car, having wasted 5 minutes. Down the road a bit, I stopped at Dairy Queen. Would you believe, there was a truck sitting in front of the ordering console, with all their doors open and the hood up! What?! Now, if this had been just me, I would have simply gone to the party. But, my young children were very hungry by now. So, I raced to the other side of the parking lot to Starbucks. I picked up banana bread slices for everyone and smoothies. Finally, we were headed to the party. (There is a reason for this story - stay with me!) As we were driving, poor Sky picked up his smoothie, by the lid, spilling it all over his Peter Pan costume and his car seat. I freaked and started yelling. Sky was crying, Sara then started screaming. We got to the house and I roughly cleaned up my child, scolding him the whole time. Once I finally calmed down, I noticed he wasn't having any fun at the party. His little face was so crest-fallen. All because Mommy got extremely stressed out about being 10 minutes late and took it out on him. I apologized, with hugs and kisses and the rest of the party went great. I've done that so many times with my kids. Being on time shows definitely shows respect for other people, but being angry with my family because something out of my control made me late, is not acceptable. So, I learned a few lessons yesterday... And your post was a good reminder to keep trying each time to be as organized and on time as possible."

What about you? How do you feel about being late? What lessons have you learned in this area of your life?

A Trip To Neverland

Yesterday we went to a joint birthday party for two little friends, Shana and Kenan. Kenan turned 4 a couple of months ago, and Shana will be 7 next month. The theme was Peter Pan and Neverland. My kids had never even heard of Peter Pan when we got the invitation! I rented the movie, and we watched it yesterday morning. Can you believe that I'd never seen it either?! For the party you were supposed to dress up as one of the characters. Sky chose Peter Pan and Sara chose Tinker Bell, of course! These are the costumes we came up with after the movie. Sky is wearing my green t-shirt and it's not even that big on him! I was proud of the hat and feather I came up with in about 5 minutes time! Here's my pretty little Tinker Bell. I bought her those wings years ago in an after Halloween sale at Old Navy. They've been used many times over!
Tinker Bell with the birthday girl, Shana, dressed as Tiger Lily.
And here we have Captain Hook, also known as Kenan!
The whole gang from Neverland, having a pow-wow at the Indian Camp.
I was truly amazed at my friend, Helen's creativity in pulling off this party! There was a fishing game at the Mermaid Lagoon, a pow-wow at the Indian Camp (complete with teepee), pin the feather on Peter Pan's cap, Smee's banquet table, and a treasure chest for each child to decorate. I stayed to help and I think I had as much fun as the kids! Thanks Nate and Helen for such a great party! You are a special family and we're going to miss you tons!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Music Camp

Last week, Sara and Sky were in music camp every morning. It was such a nice treat for me that they were able to be in the same class. They both had so much fun! The big part of the week was making instruments. Sara was in 7th heaven - she loves crafts! Sky loved all the new songs he learned each day, and was also a big fan of the crafts. On Friday, they had a concert for all the moms and/or dads at the end of the morning. The kids were so excited for that morning when all the instruments would be revealed! I got to hear some of the songs they learned and see them play all their instrument creations. It was really cute! Miss Wendy, who was their music teacher all last year, was the one doing this music camp. She does such a great job with everything. It was nice for the kids to already know their teacher. Here is one video from the concert. Sara did so well at keeping the beat - she's my rhythm girl! Sky was just happy to be performing! I was proud of both of them!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Long Weekend Fun!

This past weekend was a long weekend in Alberta. (I know, it's Thursday already...) I think I've mentioned this before, but Albertans love time off work, and they try very hard to make sure this happens on a regular basis! Every month, except for two, there is a long weekend in Alberta. Some of the long weekends fall on normal holidays like Labour Day, Veteran's Day (we call it Remembrance Day), and Easter. Other ones, they made up names for, like Family Day (Feb.) and Victoria Day (May). Then, there are others that don't even have a name, like August! It just says "Civic Holiday" on the calendar... Here are some pictures of our weekend.

Sunday afternoon we went to the pool and had fun on the water slide there.

Monday, the kids started music camp with Miss Wendy, their piano teacher. Joshua and I went out for a nice breakfast together. We came home, watered plants and packed up for the next adventure! We picked up the kids at 11:45 a.m. and drove out to Bragg Creek, a small town in the mountains, about an hour and a half away. Our first stop was Allen Bill Pond. The rocks are so fun to play in and the water, well, it takes your breath away! It is sooo cold it makes your feet hurt! Sky was busy for quite awhile with this rock creation.

Here is Joshua's rock tower!

This is video that Joshua secretly took of Sara and I making a river crossing after a bathroom break! You can tell how cold it was by the noises I'm making!

Walking back to the car... (I didn't have them pose for this, by the way!)

Admiring Elbow Falls. (With new clothes on because the other ones were soaked!) There were also people jumping off the cliffs nearby, so that was more than entertaining! I caught a video of one, but it's flipped sideways and I can't get it turned right side up. I'll post it once I get it figured out...

Elbow Falls

It's A Done Deal!

Our house is officially sold! Yesterday was the house inspection and apparently all was well. The buyers signed the waiver last night for the conditions to be lifted. When I came home from dropping the kids off at music camp (they've had that every morning this week), the "SOLD" sticker was on the sign! YAY!! I'm so happy to not be cleaning up my house for strangers anymore! We can finally relax! I'll have to think of a good way to celebrate tonight.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Happy 30th, Sweetheart!

Joshua is 30 now - finally! 2 years and 7 months ago, I turned 30 and he's been calling me an old woman ever since! Thursday was his actual birthday - today I actually have time to sit down and write this tribute! I married this man almost 9 years ago, never knowing all the adventures life would bring us. Joshua is a very passionate guy - there is no middle ground with him. Sometimes this can be a challenge, but one thing's for sure - it's always going to be exciting! Here are 30 things I can't help but love about him...

1. His smile (Just ask Karen, it's one of the first things I noticed about him!)
2. His confidence that always makes me feel secure.
3. The wise financial decisions he makes.
4. The way he plays with the kids.
5. Listening to him play the piano. (He's AMAZING, for those of you who don't know!)
6. The fact that he's not a picky eater and loves my cooking!
7. The way he mows the lawn with stripes!
8. His hugs and kisses.
9. The way he can explain pretty much anything to me, in a way I can understand.
10. Because he's very romantic!
11. His muscles that carry heavy things for me - including the kids when they're tired!
12. The way he wholeheartedly throws himself into whatever he's doing.
13. The fact that he helps around the house.
14. For making me love the sport of hockey!
15. Because he takes me on regular dates.
16. For making me try new things - like camping and sushi and downhill skiing!
17. His love for the outdoors.
18. Because he's spontaneous and fun!
19. The way he puts a positive spin on almost everything. (Sometimes irritating...)
20. Because he always dresses neatly and stylishly.
21. For helping me to understand the rules of football!
22. Because he never forgets my birthday or our anniversary.
23. For quitting coffee the day after Christmas and never turning back.
24. His humour.
25. Because he fixes things around the house.
26. The way he loves a challenge and is always trying new things.
27. For always being interested in my day and what the kids are doing.
28. Seeing him snuggle with the kids at bedtime.
29. Because I fit just right on his lap!
30. For always being himself.
I love you, Sweetie!

Friday, August 1, 2008

News Flash!

I'm happy to report that our house is conditionally sold!! We were amazed at how quickly it all happened! Our house got listed last Thursday, and 7 days later we had an offer! No one asked to see it over the weekend, and we were feeling very disappointed and discouraged. Then, Monday we had a showing in the evening. Tuesday, we had 2 showings in the morning and one in the afternoon! Phew! What a day! Thanks to my sweet neighbour and friend, Jennifer, who let me take refuge at her house during the showings! Then, to top it all off, she had us over for dinner that evening! Thanks J family! You guys are awesome! On Wednesday I was preparing for a surprise 30th birthday party for Joshua (more on that later), when we got the call that a couple from one of the Tuesday showings wanted to come for a second showing! I left for the grocery store when they came, and was back in a half an hour, thinking that would be long enough. They were still in the house! So, the kids and I hung out at the playground until they left - they were there for an hour! We didn't hear anything all afternoon, so I was kind of disappointed. Then, in the middle of the birthday party, Lori called to say the people had made an offer! She came by right away and we got all the paperwork signed. God is so good! I know many of you were praying for a quick sale, so thank you! I'll get even more excited when the conditions (financing and home inspection) are lifted by next Friday. It's been so nice to be able to relax in my house again and not constantly trying to keep it perfect. The last two days have been so nice... Stay tuned for my birthday tribute to Joshua...