Tuesday, July 1, 2008


This year was the first time I got to celebrate Canada Day as a Canadian citizen! It has been a really fun day so far. We met some friends on Main St. this morning for the Canada Day parade. Our friends are early risers and we are not. So, they got went early to get a good spot and save some room for us! That's my good friend, Penny, under the umbrella. Her 2 boys are sitting on the blanket with Sky. Zachary is 8 and Micah is 6. Sara and Jennadee (4 1/2) are sitting in the little chairs on the left. (Both not looking at the camera!)

And here are the two dads. Richie and Joshua. They were gentlemen and stood the whole time, so the moms and children could sit! Thanks guys!

A better look at Sara and Jennadee... They are such sweet little friends and I love to see them play together!
The parade started out with the Royal Mounted Canadian Police (RCMP).

Sky, having never been to a Canada Day parade (or any parade, for that matter), said, "I really like Canada Day!"
Sara was all smiles! She loves to people watch, so this was heaven for her!
Snuggle time!
Sometimes the horns were a little loud....!
And this was Jennadee...the whole time! She enjoyed that parade with every part of her being! Her mom said, "I don't know what's better - the parade or Jennadee!" She was so cute!
It was a wonderful parade and a wonderful time with friends! We all walked away happy and proud to be Canadians! We all came home to our house for lunch together. It was a yummy meal of sausages and hot dogs, potato salad, Caesar salad, mac and cheese and pink lemonade. Then, there were chocolate ice cream cones for dessert!

Happy Canada everyone! Stay tuned for possible fireworks pics... We're going tonight and I have a fireworks setting on my camera. We'll see if it works...


Nadine said...

Looks like so much fun!
Sun and no rain..yahoo!
You have a beautiful family...
Happy Canada day to you too!


Jennifer said...

Great post:0 I love all the photos! Will you do anything on the 4th?