Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Pictures I Know You've Been Waiting For!

Without further ado, here are pictures of the new house! We'll start with the living room. The arched window looks out to the front yard. The other side of the living room. The phrase above the piano says, "May our home be warm and our friends be many."
Our bedroom - we bought a new bedroom suite when we moved and I love it!
Sara's room. The flowers on the wall are not stickers. They are plastic flowers with a small magnet in the center of each one. There's special flat-headed nails that come with the set. You hammer the nail in flush with the wall, and simply attach the flowers to each nail! It's one of my favourite new decorations in the house!
Sky's room in the basement.
Other side of Sky's room. We painted another blackboard wall for him because he really missed the other one. As you can see, it's already seen a lot of creativity! The door on the right leads to his bathroom, complete with shower!When you walk down the stairs to the basement, this is what you see first.

To the right, is my sewing table corner and all the stuff that I haven't organized or put away yet!
On the left is the play area and door to Sky's room.
Another view of the play area. When they built the basement, whoever did it, did a great job with the lighting. It's very light and bright and open. The kids have been great about playing, reading and watching T.V. down there.
This is our schoolroom/office on the main floor.
Here's where I'm sitting right now, writing this post!
The family room, that's right next to the kitchen. We've already had a few cozy evenings with a fire in the fireplace!

So, that's it! Hope you enjoyed the tour!


mylifewith5kids said...

I love your house!!! The basement is my favorite part. I wish I had my bedroom down there!!! said...

Very Nice! I'm looking forward to the day I can share pictures!

Jennifer said...

It looks great Peggy:) You did a nice job!!

Jen said...

I love it all, especially your new bedroom suite. I'm trying to be jealous. We're hoping we'll get new bedroom stuff after a year in Iraq. We'll see if all goes according to plan.

Jen said...

I love it all, especially your new bedroom suite. I'm trying to be jealous. We're hoping we'll get new bedroom stuff after a year in Iraq. We'll see if all goes according to plan.

Kerry Shealy said...

Hi, Peggy! So glad you visited my blog, and of course you can add me!
Your new house is beautiful and very "homey."
I'll get in touch soon! I want to hear how school is going, and how you are doing finding a church and friends.
Miss you!

GE is me said...

Did you paint or were the colors already there? I like the light blue in the schoolroom/computer area.
The house looks absolutely gorgeous! I see Sky's bed is from Ikea; is that where Sara's came from as well? I would love to find a trundle bed for my girls. Although with the finances what they are right now we haven't even looked. We have their cribs set up as day beds.
Thanks for coming by today. :)
Hugs, -Gail

Bryan & Miriam & family said...


Your place looks gorgeous!!! You have done such a wonderful job of making your new house a home. Can't wait to see it someday soon. Love and miss you guys!

Nadine said...

ooo...I got a surprise had been on...
Great pictures by the way and beautiful house...I love the danger sign in the basement..."Men thinking"!!!
Missed ya...
Thanks for all the comments..
I have been on here everyday checking out for you...
Have I told you...hmm...might seem a little weird since I have not met you..But I love you...not in the mushy way here...come one...I the sister /spirit way...
I I go again...
Nice to see you back!
Praying for you my dear friend..I can call you that..right?
Hand in there...spring is only how many months away?

God Bless


Mindy said...

Beautiful house! Glad the move is mostly complete.

Nadine said...

Hey Peggy,
Little Gabriel was looking at your pictures with me...the picture from the basement with the rocking the left...Gabriel spotted what he called a doll house (tree house)
oh ..please share where you found this gem...
Anywhere here in Canada by any chance?
I am thinking ahead here...Christmas after all is NOT that far away...ahhhhhhhh

Take care


Jan said...

Beautiful house. It looks like you are moved in and ready for friends! Hope you are doing good. I'm sorry I haven't written in a long time. Love you and miss you. Love, Jan