Monday, April 30, 2007

Welcome to My Life!

Hi everyone! This will be a new adventure for me! Having a blog seems to be the thing to do, AND I enjoy my friends blogs, so I decided to give it a try. I find it hard to keep up with everyone on an individual basis the way I'd like too, so I hope this will fulfill my need to connect with others and to vent when needed!

I think everyone who will read this already knows me fairly well, so I won't go into my historical background or anything like that. Today, I don't need to vent, either, so I'll start by posting some pictures of our kids!

I had to include this particular picture of Sky because he is such a goof! He will do almost anything for a laugh. So, here he is with his sister's hat on and Oreo cookie on his face! Oh, and that's his favorite shirt - because it's orange and because there's a rabbit snowboarding on it. He can't wait till he's old enough to try snowboarding. Much to his father's dismay! Joshua is a ski purist.

And here's our sweet Sara. I took this picture right after she lost her very first tooth! Such excitement, let me tell you! I was helping her brush her teeth and noticed how loose the tooth was. So, I gave it a firm brush and the tooth came right out! She has since lost a second tooth, so she has quite the hole now. The second tooth came out in a strawberry! It was pretty funny!

So, there are the cute ones in the family! I'll try to post a picture of the whole family later. We haven't been taking many pictures at all lately, as we've been sick for an entire month. It's hard to smile for the camera when your nose is running, and your eyes are puffy and you're hacking up a lung!

Anyway, I hope you will enjoy sharing life with me. I'm excited about getting started!


Karen said...

I love the pictures! Carter would love to learn to snowboard too! (I must confess that I would like at least one of my boys to learn too!)
Welcome to the blogging world! Have fun! There are sooo many things you can do and it's easy to keep in touch! I gave a shout out to you on my blog so hopefully friends we know will check it out!

Jody and Emily Jennings said...

Peggy!! I'm so glad you started blogging. Your kids are adorable. I'm glad to be able to keep up with you, I've wondered about you so often.

Emily Boitnott Jennings

Uncle Rex and Aunt Debbie said...

So glad to finally be able to keep up with you and your family. Phillip and Tamara plus several of our nieces and nephews have blogs and we love keeping up with you all that way; it's a nightly ritual for us! Thanks for sharing!

Jen said...

Yeah Pegs!!! I was absolutely SHOCKED to see your name pop up in my email. Welcome to blogworld! I've thought of you often lately now that we live in El Paso. Are your parents still here?

Mindy said...

Hi Peggy!

I just talked about you tonight with Andrea weird. I hadn't looked at Karen's blog for a while but I did tonight...and there you were!

Great to see you on here! You need to post a picture of you and Josh.