Monday, July 16, 2007

Life Back In Calgary

Maybe you're not bored with Alaska stories yet, but I wanted to take a break and talk about what's been going on since we got home! Last week was actually pretty busy with chiropractor appointments, grocery shopping to stock the depleted fridge, taking our truck in for an oil change, helping some friends move to a new house, wedding rehearsal and ceremony..... We still managed to find time for fun in the sun too, as you can see in the pictures! It's been very hot in Calgary since we got home, so we're finally enjoying a real summer! The only problem when it get this hot, is that we don't have air conditioning or swamp cooling - just a few fans and open windows! The open windows haven't been much help because there wasn't ANY breeze for a few days, which made for some difficult, restless nights. We did get some breeze yesterday morning, finally! And yesterday there were some clouds at times, so that gave us some relief. It was a much more restful night last night!

On Friday, my friend Trina invited us to the water park and playground in their neighbourhood. You can only get in if you live in the area, but they're also allowed to bring guests. They have this great little wading pool, complete with big guns that shoot water! Sky was so excited to try the guns! He raced over to one, grabbed the handle, but before he could even figure out how to use the thing, he was blasted by another kid's gun! Poor kid, he was NOT happy and it scared him pretty good! I actually asked the other kid not to do that because it was Sky's first time there! But, after awhile, I decided he needed to get over it and roll with the punches! Sara and Sky both enjoyed spraying other people, but when it came their turn to get sprayed, it didn't seem like so much fun. I told them it was part of the game and if they didn't like it, to leave! They eventually did! The playground was a big hit too, so they played for a long time there. Here are a few pics of the fun! The one of Trina, having fun splashing with her two kids, Eric (3 3/4) and Katelyn (16 months), is my favourite!

On Saturday, the hottest day of the week, we were at an outdoor wedding! One of Joshua's good friends from his seminary days, asked Joshua if he would perform the ceremony for his wedding. Of course, he agreed! Miguel and Melissa chose to be married in the botanical gardens at the Calgary Zoo! It was beautiful, but HOT! They were well prepared, though. As each guest arrived, they received a bottle of water, and all the ladies received a pretty little fan as well! In the pictures, you can see the baskets of water bottles on ice! Sara was enthralled with the fan! Fortunately for all the guests who were wilting in the heat, Joshua doesn't believe in long wedding ceremonies! He says that the bride and groom aren't going to remember a thing he says anyway, and no one is there to hear him talk - they're there to see a couple get married! So, the ceremony was short and sweet and very lovely! Afterwards, Joshua changed out of his soggy suit and we had some time to see some of the animals at the zoo! We went out for supper afterwards. There was a reception with a meal, but for whatever reason, kids were not allowed. (But they were at the ceremony.) We didn't find this out until the day before and it was too late to find a babysitter. But, that's O.K. - we had a fun time eating out somewhere where there was air conditioning!

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