Thursday, September 25, 2008

Happy 100th Birthday, Opa!

Meet Opa - Joshua's paternal grandfather. On Saturday he turned 100 years old and we were honoured to be guests at his birthday party! Opa immigrated from Germany when he was 45 years old with his wife and two young sons. His youngest son, Uve, is Joshua's father. Oma, his devoted wife of over 70 years, passed away about 3 years ago. Five of Opa's relatives travelled all the way from Germany to be at the birthday party! The party was at a local German restaurant where we enjoyed some very scrumptious, authentic German food! We definitely did not leave hungry! Opa with Sara and Sky, two out of his five (soon to be 6) great-grandchildren.
Hugs from Grandma, Joshua's mom.
Singing "Happy Birthday" - the 100th time he's heard that sung to him!!
It was really amazing to be part of such a momentous occasion! I've never known anyone else who lived to be 100! It was a fun-filled celebration! Opa was honoured in speeches from his two sons, Uve and Peter, and his two grandsons, Tyson and Joshua. Joshua ended his tribute with these words. "We respect you for what you have accomplished. We honour you for what you have taught us. We love you for who you are."


geisme said...

How cool is that! :) That was a really nice tribute Joshua gave him as well. My grandmother also would have been 100 this year, but she passed away when she was in her 80's. (she couldn't stop driving & it ultimately killed her.)
Thanks for sharing & the pix as well. I'm sure Sky & Sara will both treasure that picture someday.

Jennifer said...

Wow,what a neat post!
Is the 6th grandchild from you and Josh? LOL
Thank you for sharing

Pegsy said...

Ummm, NO! That would be Joshua's youngest cousin, Lindsay! We just found out about it at the party!

Kelly said...

That's so cool, Peggy! I love his birthday hat!!

Karen said...

That is amazing! Does Joshua know German? Does his dad? That would be so need to know someone that blessed! I love the hat too!

Brandy said...

thanks for the comment!! No I don't mind, TT was never my original idea, anyway lol! I love TT's though!!

GE is me said...

Hey Peggy, I blogged; don't be deceived by the date of 2 months ago. My husband started the post for me, so I could put a video in it. So it isn't like I wasn't thinking about blogging.

Mindy said...

He doesn't look 100 years old! I would guess around 85 to 90, but not 100! wow