Monday, September 8, 2008

It's A Mess!

My house is a mess. My emotions are a mess. I really don't like change. It's not exciting for me - or an adventure. It makes me sad. It's hard. It even makes me a bit angry. I don't want to have to find new places for everything in the kitchen, and the rest of the house. I don't like that I have to read the instruction manual just so I can figure out how to wash my piles of laundry. I don't like the train that comes through town at 3 in the morning, blowing it's whistle at every intersection. (We didn't know this when we bought the house!) I was sad that no one even acknowledged our existence at the new church we visited yesterday morning. (Except for Sara and Sky's teachers in their classes.) I don't like how everything is so quiet. The phone doesn't ring anymore. We have not seen or heard ANY neighbourhood children.

I know, this too shall pass. I know I'll get to know people and that the phone will ring again. I know we'll finally get unpacked and everything will find a place. I know the house will eventually feel like home. I know the Lord will lead us to the right church family in time. So, don't tell me all that - please! I just need some support and love and prayers until the storm passes.

Sara and Sky are actually doing very well with all this "newness." They love their new rooms! They each unpacked their own boxes and put all their things away by themselves! I was proud of them. I'll have to do some organizing and sorting later... :-) They got to spend Saturday afternoon with Grandma and Grandpa (Joshua's parents), so that was fun for them. They even had fun at church yesterday, so I was grateful for that. This morning they are doing well playing with each other. It's certainly different not having the playground right outside our front door or neighbourhood kids in and out of the house. Neither one of my sweet children have complained a bit. I can learn from them. In a few days I will attempt to have a bit of schooltime and that will help to curb any boredom that may erupt.

Well, I'm off to unpack some more boxes... Once I find my cable for the camera, I can post a few pictures.


Phil and Tamara said...

I know just how you feel. I also hate change making new friends and finding a new Church. I keep waiting for Phil to come in one day and tell me we're moving again! I am praying for you that you find that peace and happiness that I know you so desparately want!

Nadine said... change can be pretty bumpy at the start...and I won't say any of the things you asked for us not to I will pray that God would send you a special lady friend in the days to come...
God knows our hearths desires and He will give you yours...I believe that whole wholeheartedly...Hang in there...I remember all too well how I felt when we moved to this church home was the worst...and when we walked into the church I felt wall paper ...nothing like being un-noticed...but that wasn't to be our church took some time..but I soon found some wonderful loving people ...
God Bless you on this journey..


geisme said...

Dear Peggy, Praying for you. Hope the storm passes soon, & at the end of it will be a great rainbow. :)
I'm still out here, just haven't had a chance/taken the time to blog as of late.
God Bless, -Gail