Friday, March 13, 2009

It Feels Like Spring Today!

In one week, the calendar says that we will be having the first official day of Spring. We just survived the coldest week of the season yet. On Tuesday morning, the official recorded temperature in Edmonton, was -42.7 degrees Celsius! My thermometer doesn't even go that low! Yikes! Today was a different story. It is well above freezing and the snow is melting like crazy! I stood outside this afternoon and could hear the sound of running water all around me! It was a beautiful sound! There is a lot of snow on the ground right now. Over a foot, and even deeper where the drifts are. It will be awhile before it all melts away, but hopefully today is the beginning of a very good thing called Spring! So, even though it doesn't really look like Spring yet, I'm going to pretend! Hence the new blog look! What do you think?! I love it!

Every Tuesday, Sky has his music/piano class from 1-2 p.m. Since you can't have other siblings present during the lesson, I have to find someone to watch Sara during that time. Grandma (Joshua's mom) is usually the one who comes to fill that need for me. When she comes, she brings lunch, we eat together, and then Sky and I leave for his class. It's become a fun little tradition every week! (If Grandma can't come for some reason, I take Sara to Patricia's house and she has tons of fun there! Patricia is a homeschooled teenager and we've become good friends with the whole family.) This Tuesday Grandma came to be with Sara. After lunch was devoured, the kids got a hold of the camera and started taking pictures of everyone! Joshua was home for lunch too, so he got in on the action! Here are some of the shots they got.

Ha! Bet you didn't expect that last picture! (And Joshua didn't expect me to post this last picture, either!) Oh, what Daddy's will do to make their children laugh!

I will be back with more consistency after this weekend. Sara and Sky have 2 final ski races - one tomorrow morning and one on Sunday morning. And then, ski racing is finally and officially over for the season! You can't even imagine my relief!


E.M. Phillips said...

Yes, spring is in the air here in Cochrane, too. And not a moment too soon. My colleagues, friends, neighbours and fellow Cochranites all seem to have had enough of winter. (I confess I do love the snow, having grown up in an African country without it, but the first spring melt is always more than welcome.) Peggy, your blog's new spring look is lovely!

septembermom said...

Hooray for spring!! We all can use some beautiful warm days. I can't imagine the cold in Edmonton. We never get that cold in NY. Such sweet pictures of the family. Your hubby is a good sport with the kids. Good luck with the ski races!

Kerry Shealy said...

I love your new blog...very cheery!

Miriam said...

And while you were enduring your coldest week yet, we were in Hawaii ... and I was suffering from bronchitis on a beach in Maui. Neither option seems fair, does it?

So glad to be home and able to read your blog again!!!