Tuesday, March 3, 2009

We Have 3 Winners!

I apologize for being so late with the Pay It Forward Giveaway results. The weekend came and went before I suddenly realized I didn't do the draw on February 28th as I promised! I should write these things on my calendar... Anyway, no one entered the giveaway after the 28th anyway, so everything is still fair! Sky and Sara just drew 3 names for me, and the winners are:

Jen at Wade's World (Laugh with her, not at her!)

Miriam (Who happens to be on a cruise to Hawaii right now! I'm not jealous AT ALL!)

Kerry (With a newborn baby boy - blessing #5! She can use a little extra help in the kitchen right now!)

Congratulations! Since you are all friends on Facebook, please message me your addresses and I will get these scrubbie pads out to you right away! Hope you enjoy them as much as I do!


Kerry Shealy said...

Thank you, Peggy!!! That is so exciting! I can't wait to get it!
Now, I need to figure out what I can give away. It may take me a few weeks, but I'll find something good!

Jen said...

Yeah!!! That's so much fun. I hope these help me scrub the yucky stuff off of my counters!!!! So now I have to figure out what I'll give away...hmmm... think anyone would want a blonde haired, blue eyed 2 year old? ha! they'd send him back!!!

Kerry Shealy said...

I got mine, and I LOVE it!!! Thank you! I'll be posting my "Pay it forward" this weekend!

Miriam said...

I just got mine too ... now that I'm home from Hawaii!!!