Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Encourage and Inspire Award

Today I was honoured to receive this beautiful award from my bloggy friend, Kelly, over at My Voice, My View. I couldn't believe Kelly would be sharing this award with me, because she is the one with the inspiring, encouraging blog! A few months ago, Kelly found my blog (do you remember how you found me, Kelly?), and started leaving comments - for every post! She definitely has the gift of encouragement! After I realized she was following my blog, I started to follow hers as well. Kelly has one of the most encouraging, and "real" blogs of all the ones I read. I've laughed and cried with this complete stranger! I have truly appreciated our new bloggy friendship. Thanks, Kelly, for sharing this with me.

There are other blogs that I read regularly that are also an encouragement and inspiration to me, each in their own way. So, I would like to share this award with with these dear friends:

1. Emily, at Macaroni and Cheese
2. Nadine, at Daughter of the King
3. Mary Kathryn, at Love, Life, Family
4. Kerry, at Shealy Stories (this is a private blog)

5. Sarah, at Sarah, Short and Gaudy

May each of you be inspired or encouraged by someone today!


septembermom said...

You really deserve this award! Your love and dedication to your family is so admirable. I hove the honesty and warmth in all your posts:) I'm grateful for our blogging friendship. I always look forward to reading your blog. Congrats to the other recipients. I can't wait to visit their blogs!

Nadine said...

ah...that is so nice...
but my technical abilities...or lack there of ...I do not know how to put this on my site....

Got a play by play of how to do this for this old gal?


Kerry Shealy said...

Awwww....thanks, Peggy! I love reading your blog, too, and feel that I have gotten to know you so much better by peeking into your daily life! You are dear, sweet friend!

ME & MY BOYS said...

pegsy, we go a long way back. i am so proud of you, the family you have and the mother u r! u r such a delight to know, thank you for your patience and kind words.