Saturday, January 19, 2008


It's been a pretty brown winter so far. We got one decent snow at the end of November, and one at the beginning of December. There was no Christmas snow, and no New Year's snow. Then it got warm and what little snow we had, has been slowly disappearing. But, on Thursday evening, it finally started to snow! It snowed all night. Joshua shoveled the driveway before bed, and then the kids and I shoveled again the next morning! Sara and Sky each have their own little shovels and I must say, they really do a great job clearing snow! Last night it started snowing again and and I was surprised to see it falling when I got up this morning. It was so pretty. It continued to snow until late afternoon! We're not complaining about brown anymore! I went to the grocery store today with Sky, and I had to use all my strength to push the grocery cart through the slushy snow covering the parking lot! I was just glad I didn't have to ask for help! We didn't play outside because it was very cold today and the snow was falling so heavily. Tomorrow we'll make a snowman!

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Jen said...

i don't know what i'd do if i had to deal with snow! probably complain every day about it. glad you love it so much.