Friday, January 18, 2008

Welcome 2008!

I'm a bad blogger - there, I said it! I'm sure all of you have said that about me at some point, so I'll just admit it! My problem? I think that I always feel that I have to catch up on every detail, so I feel overwhelmed when I go to post and then I end up not posting anything! And I KNOW that you don't even want to hear every detail, so I guess I'm just enamored with my life and I think you should be too! So, my New Year's resolution is going to be shorter, more frequent blog posts that don't bore you (and me!) to death with cumbersome details! I love how Emily does it, so you're my role model, girl!

Anyway, moving on with news... We had a very lovely, relaxing Christmas, mostly due to the fact that we didn't have to travel anywhere! Joshua was convinced that Christmas with just the 4 of us, would be extremely boring, but after the day was over, he admitted that it was a really fun day! After we opened presents, we had our traditional breakfast of apple turnovers from the Pillsbury doughboy! I always stick candles in the ones for the kids and we sing "Happy Birthday" to Jesus. After clean-up and some pretty intense toy assembly (Sky got a parking garage with lots of parts and stickers and not very clear instructions!), we bundled up for some good, old-fashioned ice skating. There are lots of little ponds and creeks in Airdrie, which have been cleared off for public skating. It's very picturesque and very free! The kids are doing a great job! (For those of you who are also my friends on Facebook, I have a couple of videos posted from the first time we took the kids skating.) After skating, we headed home for more playing, relaxing, etc. I made a ham for dinner, with scalloped potatoes and all the fixins'. It was very yummy! The next day is Boxing Day in Canada, which just means that you get an extra day off work! It's also the biggest shopping day of the year here. Joshua's parents came down from Edmonton on Boxing Day in the early afternoon. We went skating again, so the kids could show Grandma and Grandpa their stuff. Then, we went out for the best pizza in Airdrie! If you ever come visit, we'll be sure to take you there! The next day we hit the mall and took advantage of the Boxing Week sales. I got some new, very needed jeans, and I was happy! So, our Christmas was pretty relaxing this year, and I can honestly say I actually enjoyed all the festivities! I wasn't even sad or regretful when it was time to put away the Christmas tree and decorations. Usually, I feel like I missed something or that it should have been different or that it was too rushed, etc. But, this year I was happy and satisfied. It was a nice feeling.

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