Sunday, April 13, 2008

A Beautiful Weekend

Look at my temperature button! It's almost feels like summer outside! We've had a weird week of weather, including 7 in. of snow on Thursday morning! All that snow came down in the space of 3 hours. Joshua left for work that morning at 7:45 a.m. and didn't arrive until 10:45 a.m.!! (He's supposed to be at work by 8:30 p.m.!) It was so bad for some people from the branch, that they just turned around and went home! By the next day, the snow was gone and the chaos was a distant memory! This weekend is a different story. Joshua and the kids have been wearing shorts for the past two days! I'm not nearly as brave! Partly because I still have a low-grade fever from my sinus infection and partly because I need to shave! :-) Calgary has such strange weather - it's enough to drive one insane! I must already be insane because all this weirdness just doesn't seem to phase me anymore. :-)

The sunshine and warmth gave Joshua the inspiration to work on our back deck. We inherited a deck with badly peeling stain, no railing and no stairs going down to the yard. We added makeshift steps late in the fall, so we wouldn't have any injuries, but the other stuff had to wait. As of a half hour ago, the deck has been sanded down to the bare wood, swept clean, and stained a brand new, fresh colour! It took some experimenting to get it just right, but after 4 trips to the store and trying 3 different sanding methods, I think Joshua is happy with the result! It certainly looks better than before! The new rails and posts have been purchased, so that will happen gradually. It will keep Joshua out of trouble in the evenings until that's done! I'll post pictures later.

As you could probably figure out, I've been really sick since Tuesday. I had already had an assortment of symptoms, that turned into a bad cold for the week and a half before that. On Monday, when Sara had her musical, I was feeling pretty good and thought that I was finally getting better. Then Tuesday morning dawned and I was sure my head was going to explode! It was the worst sinus infection I've ever had. I managed to make it to my naturopath doctor on Wednesday morning and he gave me some sympathy and some stuff to support my immune system. I'm tired of ending up on antibiotics, and he agreed. I was laid out for 3 days, doing essentially nothing but taking care of mine and the kids basic needs. Finally, on Friday, I was able to function semi-normally. I'm still running a bit of a fever off and on, but am slowly getting better. I'm still congested, but it's getting better bit by bit. This morning I was so excited because I could smell the baked oatmeal that Joshua was baking! When I went up to tell him, he was in the shower, and I could smell his shampoo! I had 5 days of NO smell and NO taste! It was awful! It totally took the fun out of eating - try that for a diet plan! I was so happy to not only smell the baked oatmeal, but taste it too! It's amazing what we take for granted, eh?

So, that's why I didn't blog this week. You would have just been reading a long list of complaints and woes! Please pray for continued healing - I still have a low-grade fever, so I know my body is still fighting infection. Also, Sky had a fever when he went to bed last night, but was fine this morning. I just hope he's not coming down with something. It's been a discouraging week, but God's grace has been sufficient. Of course, with this sickness, we didn't have any school, so I have nothing to report in that arena. But, I have some plans ready to go, so hopefully this next week will be a great one!

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