Saturday, August 2, 2008

Happy 30th, Sweetheart!

Joshua is 30 now - finally! 2 years and 7 months ago, I turned 30 and he's been calling me an old woman ever since! Thursday was his actual birthday - today I actually have time to sit down and write this tribute! I married this man almost 9 years ago, never knowing all the adventures life would bring us. Joshua is a very passionate guy - there is no middle ground with him. Sometimes this can be a challenge, but one thing's for sure - it's always going to be exciting! Here are 30 things I can't help but love about him...

1. His smile (Just ask Karen, it's one of the first things I noticed about him!)
2. His confidence that always makes me feel secure.
3. The wise financial decisions he makes.
4. The way he plays with the kids.
5. Listening to him play the piano. (He's AMAZING, for those of you who don't know!)
6. The fact that he's not a picky eater and loves my cooking!
7. The way he mows the lawn with stripes!
8. His hugs and kisses.
9. The way he can explain pretty much anything to me, in a way I can understand.
10. Because he's very romantic!
11. His muscles that carry heavy things for me - including the kids when they're tired!
12. The way he wholeheartedly throws himself into whatever he's doing.
13. The fact that he helps around the house.
14. For making me love the sport of hockey!
15. Because he takes me on regular dates.
16. For making me try new things - like camping and sushi and downhill skiing!
17. His love for the outdoors.
18. Because he's spontaneous and fun!
19. The way he puts a positive spin on almost everything. (Sometimes irritating...)
20. Because he always dresses neatly and stylishly.
21. For helping me to understand the rules of football!
22. Because he never forgets my birthday or our anniversary.
23. For quitting coffee the day after Christmas and never turning back.
24. His humour.
25. Because he fixes things around the house.
26. The way he loves a challenge and is always trying new things.
27. For always being interested in my day and what the kids are doing.
28. Seeing him snuggle with the kids at bedtime.
29. Because I fit just right on his lap!
30. For always being himself.
I love you, Sweetie!


Jennifer said...

Great Post! Now my birthday post for chris look's bad:)lol
Love ya,

Karen said...

WOW you are old! ;)
I loved the post... but REALLY HE GAVE UP COFFEE!!! That must be love!

Pegsy said...

Oh, he didn't give up coffee for me. It was because of asthma/high blood pressure issues, and it REALLY helped resolve some things. I was just saying I'm proud of him for sticking with it! It's not easy in this coffee-drinking society we live in!