Thursday, August 7, 2008

Long Weekend Fun!

This past weekend was a long weekend in Alberta. (I know, it's Thursday already...) I think I've mentioned this before, but Albertans love time off work, and they try very hard to make sure this happens on a regular basis! Every month, except for two, there is a long weekend in Alberta. Some of the long weekends fall on normal holidays like Labour Day, Veteran's Day (we call it Remembrance Day), and Easter. Other ones, they made up names for, like Family Day (Feb.) and Victoria Day (May). Then, there are others that don't even have a name, like August! It just says "Civic Holiday" on the calendar... Here are some pictures of our weekend.

Sunday afternoon we went to the pool and had fun on the water slide there.

Monday, the kids started music camp with Miss Wendy, their piano teacher. Joshua and I went out for a nice breakfast together. We came home, watered plants and packed up for the next adventure! We picked up the kids at 11:45 a.m. and drove out to Bragg Creek, a small town in the mountains, about an hour and a half away. Our first stop was Allen Bill Pond. The rocks are so fun to play in and the water, well, it takes your breath away! It is sooo cold it makes your feet hurt! Sky was busy for quite awhile with this rock creation.

Here is Joshua's rock tower!

This is video that Joshua secretly took of Sara and I making a river crossing after a bathroom break! You can tell how cold it was by the noises I'm making!

Walking back to the car... (I didn't have them pose for this, by the way!)

Admiring Elbow Falls. (With new clothes on because the other ones were soaked!) There were also people jumping off the cliffs nearby, so that was more than entertaining! I caught a video of one, but it's flipped sideways and I can't get it turned right side up. I'll post it once I get it figured out...

Elbow Falls


Jennifer said...

Wow, Sound like a fun weekend:) Sean would have loved to play with Sky in those rocks! Hope you have a great day!

Nadine said...

Lots of fun..that is what summers are all about!
I am back..might not blog as often least for now...I need to discipline myself and be is busy canning time after all!
Take care