Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Music Camp

Last week, Sara and Sky were in music camp every morning. It was such a nice treat for me that they were able to be in the same class. They both had so much fun! The big part of the week was making instruments. Sara was in 7th heaven - she loves crafts! Sky loved all the new songs he learned each day, and was also a big fan of the crafts. On Friday, they had a concert for all the moms and/or dads at the end of the morning. The kids were so excited for that morning when all the instruments would be revealed! I got to hear some of the songs they learned and see them play all their instrument creations. It was really cute! Miss Wendy, who was their music teacher all last year, was the one doing this music camp. She does such a great job with everything. It was nice for the kids to already know their teacher. Here is one video from the concert. Sara did so well at keeping the beat - she's my rhythm girl! Sky was just happy to be performing! I was proud of both of them!


Karen said...

That looks like too much fun! It looks like the music will continue in the family!

Mindy said...

What fun! Why didn't we have stuff like this when we were that age? Or, maybe there was, I just didn't go to any of it. :) Love you! Hope you are doing well.