Thursday, June 7, 2007

The Broken Wrist That Was Not

I don't really know why my only post his week was a recipe! It wasn't even a busy week for me! So much for my great plans of posting at least every other day! I did get a lot of housecleaning done, so I guess that's my excuse! I made two posts today, so don't miss the first one!

We had some drama on Friday (June 1st) morning, but by the time things calmed down and I had time for the computer, the drama had ceased to be! Sky apparently sprained his wrist during his gymnastics class Friday morning. It was the end of class, and the kids had finished their cool down exercises. They told the kids to do the "crab walk" over to their individual coaches, where they turn in name tags and get stickers or stamps. Sky had worked hard and he was so tired already. He was struggling along and suddenly his wrist twisted and crumpled. He cried and cried and he wouldn't let me or the coach really check it. Sara had also gained a few bumps (one on the head and also scraped both knees on the trampoline). Both kids were crying when gymnastics was over! It was so crazy, because in the more than three years that we've been doing gymnastics, there have only been one or two other injuries to speak of! What a mess! Anyway, I got us all home, but Sky still seemed in significant pain. I called Joshua at work, and after the secretary heard what the problem was, she went and interrupted a big presentation he was making! He finished up and excused himself early! He decided he'd better come home as we probably needed to get the wrist checked by a doctor. The kids and I got back in the car, picked up Joshua, and headed straight to the clinic. (The one right by our house, with the lavender walls!) Thank goodness it was a short wait, and we got right in. The doctor decided to send Sky for an x-ray just to make sure, as his wrist still seemed pretty tender after two hours. Joshua took Sky to the lab and Sara and I walked home. We picked up a pizza on the way! Sky got his x-ray and evidently did really well. He wore his sticker proudly all day! The radiologist said she would call that day if anything was broken. Well, we never got a call that day, and on Tuesday, it was confirmed that his x-ray came back fine. In the meantime, Sky refused to use his hand or arm for two entire days. At one point we had it wrapped, as you can see in the picture. It didn't seem to make a difference. He kept saying it didn't hurt, but whenever we tried to get him to use it, he would whimper or cry. I was pretty sure it was just fear, but I didn't want to hurt him just in case, either! What's a mother to do?! And Sara, was so sweet and helpful to him in any way she could be. She was so sad because he couldn't really play with her, either. Finally, after his nap on Sunday afternoon, in which he never actually slept, he was a totally different child. He came downstairs waving the "hurt" arm saying, "Look, Mom, I can move my arm!" He was so happy the rest of the day as he rediscovered his abilities to use his hand again! I could tell he was just so relieved. Poor traumatized child! And I'll never know if it ever really was hurt or not! I was never so excited to see him put his shoes on with both hands! Or put his hands on his hips, with his pouty little face, because he was irritated about something! I just thank God that he didn't have to be in a cast for six weeks! Knowing Sky, we'll probably have at least one for real at some point! He's not hyperactive, but he will try anything, especially if he thinks he'll get applause or attention. He's quite the showman! For all of you with boys, what has been the worst injury you've had to deal with so far?


Mom said...

Well, I'll say he is the cutest grandson I have in Canada!

So far with six children we've only had stitches twice and one broken arm- all them with Scott qnd he was quite a mild boy!

Love, Mom

Aunt Debbie said...

With our three boys, we only had a knocked out tooth with Phillip when he was 18 months and a broken toe in high school. Adam broke his finger in first grade. David was our adventurous one with stitches twice and a broken leg. Then in college Phillip broke his nose playing broom hockey. David once again has been the ER champion with four visits to ER for stitches or x-rays for possible breaks which thankfully were not- at least I didn't have to be around for those. I think the experiences are harder on Mom than the kids!

Karen said...

Let's see...
Carter (he's 4 1/2 now)- 2 broken arms (1st time 18 months -climbing in highchair 2nd time - last summer trying to climb in the Lodge office window from OUTSIDE)
Stitches once... I think, but for some reason I actually think it was twice.
He's had more black eyes than I can count.

Hayden - so far so good. Hopefully, he'll be more cautious!

Jen said...

The worst injury Bailey has had so far was a black eye from a rocking chair leg. It didn't phase him, but my friend who was watching him felt terrible for it. I usually don't get too worried about him getting hurt since he gets over pain pretty easily.