Thursday, June 14, 2007

A Day Out On The Town

Today was a busy day for me and the kids. It started with a trip to the dentist in the morning. Our dentist recommended that Sky get sealants put onto his molars because they have really deep grooves in them. Since Sky did such a good job holding his mouth open and everything when he had his cleaning a few weeks ago, they decided they would go ahead and try the sealants. I could tell he was a little apprehensive, but I told him that they would stop if his mouth got too tired. He felt better about that. I think he mostly just couldn't understand what they were going to do. And it was hard for me to explain! Well, my brave little man came through again and he did an excellent job for the whole procedure! He never even whimpered and he hardly moved a muscle, for that matter! The dental assistants who did everything couldn't believe how well he did! They said they'd never done sealants on a three-year-old before! They were thoroughly impressed and I was a proud Mom! Now he has "skating rinks" on his teeth! After we were done at the dentist we stopped downtown to visit Daddy at his bank. Everyone loves it when I bring the kids in there! We stayed long enough to have some chocolate from the candy jar and draw a few pictures on Daddy's notepad paper. We had to go pretty quick because a client was supposed to be coming for an appointment soon. As it turned out, she never showed up! I was disappointed because we could have stayed to have lunch with him. Oh well! We headed home for lunch and some playtime. After that I dragged the kids out again to finish shopping for Father's Day. I'm sooo excited about what we got him! I'll tell you later since Joshua reads my blog too! It was a fun day, but we were tired. I was thankful to get the kids in bed and finally relax.

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Karen said...

I haven't forgotten about your blog, I just forget to post a comment! Great pics