Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Pink Sunglasses and Other Stuff

I don't have much to report as far as family news goes. It's been a fairly normal, quiet week. I thought I'd just post a few cute pictures, because I know that's your favourite part anyway! The picture above is my favourite one of the week! They were playing with these boxes and suddenly I heard Sara yell, "Look mom! Come take a picture!" She's seen my blog and has figured out that I post cute pictures of her and Sky! I guess she thought that pose was blog worthy....and she was right!

If Sara were the one writing this post she would want to tell you that she got new pink sunglasses yesterday. And that they have little brown flowers on them that match her favourite brown purse! This girl goes through sunglasses like you wouldn't believe, by either breaking them or losing them. Somewhere there is a pink sunglasses abyss because they just seem to disappear into thin air! She has a pair of aqua blue sunglasses that we bought her when she was like 3 years old. The lenses are a light bluish colour too, but are still UV protective. Weird, but she loved them at the time. Then one day, she got pink sunglasses from Grandma and that was the end of the blue ones. The problem is, we never lose or break those blue glasses! Oh no, only the pink ones! The blue ones might get lost for a season, but we always find them! It's crazy! So, now Sara has a new pink pair and the blue pair, but....they don't count! (Oh, and not to leave her brother out, she would also tell you that Sky got a new pair of sunglasses too - sliver, with cool looking flames on the stems!)
We've had a lot of rain lately. Tuesday evening of last week, we had this incredible thunder and lightening storm! I've never seen it rain that hard in Calgary and it lasted for hours! Unfortunately, there was some major flash flooding and many homes and cars were damaged. Also, two people were struck by lightening! And several homes had fires caused by the lightening as well. It was a wild night for the emergency services in Calgary! This picture of the kids was taken in between a couple of days of rain. We took advantage of the dry day and visited our neighbourhood playground!

On Saturday we spent the afternoon at Heritage Park and this time we didn't get rained out! Sara got her ice cream cone, but Sky's fell on the ground after only a few licks. He was pretty good about it, though. He had already had candy from the general store, so that helped ease the pain! I even went on the big Ferris wheel with both the kids! Did I mention before that I'm terrified of those things?! Joshua hates them too, but he usually goes, so he said it was my turn. The absolute worst part is the loading and unloading when you end up right at the top and you're just sitting there! Ahhh! I was so scared and my crazy daughter thought it was funny! I was hanging on for dear life, and Sara is sitting beside me having a fit of laughter! Of course, that made the seat rock and I thought I would have a heart attack! Joshua was threatening to disown me if I screamed and they had to stop the ride for me! I managed to hold it together and spare him the embarrassment! Once we got going, it was better, but I still had to hold Sara's hand. Sky started to get a little concerned and wanted the ride to be done, but he was brave. Afterwards he said his tummy was "very, very hurting." Poor little guy! We caught a ride on board the SS Moyie paddlewheel boat. That's Joshua's favourite! All in all, it was a fun day, and we went home tired, but happy!

This week has been just normal stuff like school and laundry and grocery shopping. Tonight Joshua are going on a date, so I'm looking forward to that! I'm also getting a haircut, so that should make me feel beautiful!
Here's one last picture! The kids have these big ducks that Grandma got them for Easter and Sky discovered a very unique use for them - a seat to slide down the stairs on! The "feathers" are kind of slippery, so they actually go pretty fast! It's hilarious! And it's great padding for their tailbones! The ideas kids come up with!

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Karen said...

Send us some of that rain!
I'm so glad my boys can't read... if they saw that one about the ducks they'd come up with some crazy idea too! (I've caught Carter before he tried a laundry basket and a toy tub! I just know he'd break something if he actually did it!)