Monday, June 18, 2007

Happy Father's Day!

It's time to unveil the gift we got for Joshua for Father's Day! Drum roll please...... I took the kids to get their portraits taken and we framed them and gave them to Joshua! It was one of the best portrait sessions I've ever had with the kids and they were sooo cute! I had a hard time choosing which poses I wanted because they were all so good! We have a great store here called The Real Canadian Superstore, but we simply call it Superstore. (It's about the same idea as a Super Wal-Mart.) Anyway, their portrait studio is just amazing and so easy to work with. You get to choose the poses you want (after everything is taken), and with the particular package I chose, I could choose up to three poses. Then, I get 7 portrait sheets of my choosing! So, I can get whatever sizes or combination of sizes I want and I'm not limited to "the package." And all this for only $29.95! There's no temptation to pick more pictures because I already chose exactly what I wanted. I love Superstore! We do have Wal-Mart here, but their photo studio is just inferior! That might sound like blasphemy to you Americans, but it's true! Anyway, the kids and I were so excited that we ended up presenting our gift on Saturday evening because we just couldn't wait anymore! He loved them, so it was a success! And here they are for all to enjoy! Don't worry, Mom, you're getting real ones in the mail!


Karen said...

Wal-Mart is inferior here too! I've came across Portrait inovations here (Holly talked about it) and LOVE LOVE LOVE it! They print the pic the same day. They do try to "pressure" you to buy more though. Great Father's day gift! I don't think I could've waited that long to give it either!

Jen said...

love the pictures. that was a great idea! i look forward to the day when Bailey will cooperate for a picture again.