Sunday, August 5, 2007

Cute Kid Sayings and The Tooth Fairy

Yesterday we had to be out of the house between 1-2 p.m. for the first showing of our house. We spent the morning cleaning up clutter, mowing and trimming the lawn, folding and putting away laundry, and vacuuming. Sara pulled all the weeds that were coming up through the cracks in the step stones in the side yard. Daddy paid her a toonie ($2 coin) and she was pretty proud of herself! Once we got out of the house we headed to Ricky's (kind of like a Denny's) for lunch. We all ordered breakfast except for Sara, who got a pizza. Then we made a stop at the city dump to unload the back of Joshua's truck. We throw junk in there, and then every few weeks we drop it off at the dump! The dump is actually quite fascinating. When you drive in, you pay $5 at the little booth. Then you drive along a network of dirt roads that go up and down and all over. When you arrive at the spot where they are currently dumping (it's different every time), you back up to the pile of trash and throw in your stuff! It's SO nasty!! Joshua is such a sissy about the whole thing and it makes me laugh every time! He stays as far away from the trash as possible, with this scrunched up face, and throws the junk as hard as he can! It's too funny! There are seagulls that just sit there or swarm around in the air and wait for something good to come along. Such disgusting little scavengers! After that distasteful job was over, we went to Blockbuster, and everybody got to pick out a movie. While we were standing in line to check out, Sky wanted me to pick him up so he could see over the counter. I was nuzzling his cheek and said, "You smell like maple syrup!" (From his pancakes earlier.) He grinned and started sniffing my cheek! He then declared, "You smell like YOU!" He seemed to think that was a good thing, so I'm glad he likes my smell!

Later, we were having our supper of corn on the cob and grilled sausages on a bun. (Yummy!) Sara was having a having a bit of a challenge eating the corn. Her two top front teeth are loose and one of them was VERY loose! Being the kind parents we are, we were laughing at her predicament! Joshua commented to her, "You're going to be so cute when you loose those teeth!" She got this funny little smile on her face and she said, "I AM cute!" We laughed and laughed! About 7 minutes later, the tooth actually fell out!! The tooth fairy left her a loonie ($1 coin), but she has to be a little creative when it comes to Sara. See, Sara isn't quite sure if the fairy is real or not, and I'm not quite prepared to reveal the whole truth. So, Sara does not let me put her teeth under her pillow or even beside the bed, because she's afraid the tooth fairy will actually be in her room! I left the tooth on the kitchen counter and told her that the tooth fairy could still find it because she can find a tooth anywhere. Well, I'm a BAD tooth fairy because I forgot to leave money last night! We ALL forgot about it this morning in the rush to get ready for church. So, we get to church and Sara was telling people she lost a tooth. What does everyone ask? "Did the tooth fairy come?" Sara kept looking at me with questions in her eyes and I kept saying, "Oh, I'm sure she did, but we were in such a hurry we forgot to check!" Well, as soon as we got home, Joshua found a loonie, I planted it on the kitchen counter, and said, "Sara, come look! I found something!" She was sufficiently delighted!

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Aunt Debbie said...

At our house, when the "tooth fairy" forgot, she left double the next night!