Sunday, August 26, 2007

Dragon Boating

So, what is a Dragon Boat? Well, I would love to show you some pictures, BUT my camera decided to break this weekend and I got NO pictures of the boats or the races!! I was not a happy camper when I discovered the awful truth. Now I have to find the repair store somewhere in downtown Calgary and take it in. Which means I will also be without my camera for more time and pay lots of money for them to fix it. Frustrating. Now, that I'm done with my rant, I'll get on with Dragon Boats! I do have few pictures I can share because I took some during a practice run.

Every year, at the end of August, Calgary hosts Dragon Boat Races. The boats are like long canoes and are rowed by teams of 18 people. There are professionals racing, but amateurs as well. Every year, Canadian Western Bank, puts in a team to compete. Joshua was quick to sign up this year! They had three practice times earlier this month. On Friday evening they had the Banker's Cup, with just the teams from the banks in Calgary competing. I picked up pizza on my way there that evening and then, after a quick supper, we watched the races. It was fun, but our team.... well, they tried, but failed miserably! They were running late, and when they got in the boat, they were very unbalanced. The steerer wouldn't let them move around to fix the problem, so they had to race like that. It was too big a problem to overcome and they finished dead last! It was good we could all go home and get a good sleep after that.

The next morning, the official racing started, with over 2,000 rowers in all! Anyone can put together a team and race as long as you have enough people. There are mixed, women's and junior divisions. Joshua's bank was a mixed boat. They finished 6th in their first heat, but still advanced. I arrived with the kids after that. The second heat was against all the other 6th place finishers. This time they came in first!! Boy, were we excited! That was the last race for the day, so we gratefully left to get supper and go home to rest. Today, they had two races, but the weather took a turn for the worse overnight. It was cold and raining all day. After the first, early morning race, Joshua joined the kids and I at church. Sara got to perform her day camp songs again for the whole congregation! She was so cute with all her little friends! After church, I took the kids home where it was cozy and dry. Poor Joshua had to head back for one more race. They rowed with black plastic bags on in the pouring rain! They finished 4th. Disappointing for them, but they did well over all and I was proud of them! Joshua fell asleep on the couch two hours ago - he is so very, very tired and sore! I guess it's time to get him in bed. I'm pretty exhausted too!

We got an offer on our house today! It came through this evening and we sent back a counter offer soon after. We should hear first thing in the morning, so I'll let you know! It was a tense evening!

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