Friday, August 31, 2007

Kissing Is Yucky!

So, Sky thinks kissing is yucky. This has been his opinion for several months, so whenever he catches Joshua and I kissing or sees anyone else kissing he says, "Eww, kissing is yucky!" But, somehow, he still doesn't mind being kissed! Last week when Sara was at day camp, Sky and I were driving in the car. I'm not sure how, but the subject of kissing came up. I think he was talking about being a Daddy someday and that it would be O.K. to kiss his kids. I informed him that he would have to have a wife first. I said, "You know what, when you get bigger, you're going to LIKE kissing girls!" He argued with me for awhile, and then he sensibly came up with a solution. (Sky can get very indignant and he argues well!) "I'm not going to marry a 'grill' (that's how he says 'girl')." Being a good, Christian mom, I saw the next line coming, so I quickly nipped that in the bud, and told him, "Well, you can't marry a boy because God says that's wrong." He came right back at me and said, "No, I'm going to marry myself!" Too funny!

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Jen said...

what fun conversations i have to look forward to! that's too cute and way to be on your toes there, pegs!