Wednesday, August 1, 2007

So... We Really ARE Moving!!

It's crazy, but we went from casually talking about moving and looking at houses on-line, to meeting our realtor on Thursday evening, to actually viewing some homes Sunday morning, to putting down an offer on a house Sunday night! Double YIKES! The owners accepted our offer Monday afternoon, and if the inspection goes well tonight, the house is really ours! My head is still spinning! So, why are we moving? The new house is in Airdrie, a smaller town about 20 min. north of our current home in Calgary. Most of the people living in Airdrie actually work in Calgary, but they love the smaller community and are willing to commute a few extra minutes. We actually already have quite a few friends living in Airdrie. But, for us the draw is more than just a smaller, less hectic place to live. Joshua's bank is opening a branch there next year, and unless a really major surprise happens, he'll be one of the managers at that new branch. All the "higher ups" in the bank have told Joshua that's the direction they want for him, and when they found out we were considering moving to Airdrie right away, instead of discouraging us from that, they recommended a good realtor to us! One of the big reasons we decided to look and buy now was where the housing market is right now. Houses in Airdrie are quite a bit cheaper than Calgary, but there is some new development happening between Airdrie and Calgary in the next year that is supposed to cause the housing market to spike. We think we made a smart decision! So, that's the scoop! Like I said, we go for the home inspection tonight. A very good friend, who also happens to be a contractor, is doing that for us. I'll ask our realtor if it's O.K. for me to take a few pictures, so I can post them! We'll see what she says! Our possession date is August 31st. Our realtor is coming tonight to measure rooms and take pictures so she can list our current home. So, I'm trying to make all the cluttery spots look decent! The housing market is pretty hot in Calgary, so we don't think it will take too long to sell. Anyway, just wanted to let you know what was occupying my attention and energy these days! I'm just glad that we can get moved before we get into Grade 1 with Sara, instead of getting interrupted in the middle somewhere. I'll keep you posted! Hopefully pictures and details tomorrow....

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