Sunday, June 8, 2008

More Rainy Day Fun!

It was indeed another gray, rainy day, but as you can see, one person in the family decided to make the best of it!

You have to know Sky to realize how funny this is. My little boy is definitely "all boy" in many ways. He loves sports of any kind and can hit a baseball like you wouldn't believe, he loves trucks and cars and dinosaurs, and wishes he could be Superman, Spiderman or Batman. But, one thing that Sky rarely does, is make a mess or get dirty! So here's the story... We were all having a Sunday afternoon rest. Sara was playing in her room, Sky was in the basement watching T.V. and Joshua and I were reading and resting in our room. Suddenly, we heard the front door slam. I assumed it was Sara because she's the one who practically lives outside. After a few minutes, there was a knock on our bedroom door. It was Sara saying she couldn't find Sky. We said, "He's in the basement watching T.V." She replied, "No, he isn't there. I think he's outside." What? Joshua got up to check things out. Then, I heard "Peggy, come look at what our son is doing." Looking out the window at the playground across the street, I could see Sky running around, wading through puddles, and wet up to his knees! We couldn't believe it! Had he gone crazy?! He was all by himself out there and having the time of his life! It was too funny! He went out in just a t-shirt and no rain boots, so we were sure he would be freezing soon. Joshua went out, armed with rubber boots, a dry pair of socks and a hoodie. If Sky was going to jump in puddles, he might as well be properly equipped! Sara and I were laughing and giggling as we watched out the window! I went out later to capture the event on camera. Sky was more than happy to splash for the pictures! He finally came in when his pants were wet up to the crotch! The soggy weather must be getting to him, because this was his second messy ordeal of the week. A few days ago, he got into my makeup.... Why? Because he wanted to paint a tiger face on himself! He did a pretty good job, but my makeup is destroyed.... Oh well, it's not like I ever wear makeup anyway! :-)

And one more fun thing we did today. We went, with our neighbours (Sara's good friend Alexa, her two brothers, Lucas and Caleb, and of course, Mom and Dad), to see the movie, Kung Fu Panda! The kids loved it! I think the adults liked it too! Joshua was saying before the movie that it would kill his brain cells, but I heard him laughing a lot, so it couldn't have been that bad! Sky left the theatre very inspired - he was kicking and jumping and chopping with his hands! I was afraid for my furniture, but he had calmed down a bit by the time we got home! Sara just loved the fact that she got to sit next to Alexa the whole time. And have all the popcorn and Gatorade her heart desired! It was fun to do something like that with neighbours. We've really enjoyed the relationships we've been able to build with our neighbours since moving to this new community. We've been blessed with so many new friends!

And that's the end of another rainy day! It's time for my cozy bed! Tomorrow is supposed to be dry and partly sunny! Yay!


Nadine said...

Doesn't that look like fun!...Jumping in the water...all in his little glory...My little that is 4 got to do the same thing this week-end...but no pictures...the camera didn't care to work that day?...
We have some sun today but I guess we are back to rain tomorrow...yuck...but sun is on for Friday!..yeah!
Can you tell I am getting a little sun!

Take care


Karen said...

That Looks like so much fun! I'm glad Sky found a way to make the most of a wet situation! I was thinking of taking Carter and Hayden to see that movie... do you think Hayden would sit for it? (He does pretty good with movies at home, but wasn't crazy about it last time we went to one!)

Joshua said...

Laughing maniacally is symptomatic of brain cells dying.