Friday, June 6, 2008

A Musical Success!

Something I've wanted to post all week.... (My computer time has been pretty much non-existent.)

On Sunday afternoon, we took a break from the ruggedness of camping experiments and yard work, for something a little more cultured! The year-end piano recital! Sara and Sky were registered with Music For Young Children this year. (To read my previous description, click here.) It was a wonderful experience for our whole family. The kids learned sooo much and had tons of fun doing it! I would recommend this program to anyone. Sara and Sky both performed in the recital again and they did an excellent job! Sara played her piece so nicely and clearly - we were very proud! There were no music sheet malfunctions this time, so that saved our nerves a bit! She even remembered to curtsy! (Which was something she forgot last time and was upset with herself about.)

Sky did a group song with his class and he did great! They did the "Hokey Pokey" with different coloured balloons tied to their hands. So, instead of singing "you put you right hand in," they sang "you put your red hand in!" All the kids forgot to sing, but they really got into the actions! They were cute. (But, don't ever tell Sky he's "cute" - he just wants to be "cool!")

Sara received a rose from Gillian (mom to Rachel, Hailey and Dallin, the kids I babysit). Sara was so excited! Gill and Hailey and Rachel came to encourage our budding musicians! Later Gill told us that Hailey made the comment, "It would have been A LOT better if just Sara and Sky had been in the recital."

Here's my handsome boy! We had to force him to wear this shirt and then practically carry him to the car, kicking and screaming! :-( Oh well, he got over it and had fun anyway!

Miss Wendy, Sara and Sky's piano teacher, always does a bang up job with snacks and treats and balloons after the recital! My kids filled up on chocolate chip cookies and rice krispie treats like there was no tomorrow! Joshua's parents and sister also drove down for the occasion, so that was extra special. Our good friends, the Whittington's came out from Calgary. Grandma and Grandpa and Auntie Shannon had to head home right after. The Whittington's came home and joined us for a supper of grilled sausages, pasta salad and spinach salad. We had a great evening!

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Jennifer said...

Great job Sara and Sky keep up the good work over the summer:)
Mama Peggy I enjoy all the photos and your stories!