Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Piano Recital

Well, the piano recital on Sunday was a success! I was so uptight about the whole thing, and Sara was totally cool! At the last minute, the teacher decided to include Sky's little class in the recital as well. He was so excited! I guess Joshua and I were the only ones who were nervous! I just had to keep telling myself that it didn't matter if things turned out perfectly or not. It just mattered that it was a positive experience for both kids. So, I put my own perfectionism on the shelf (something that I find hard to do as a Mom!), and tried my best to have fun! Both kids did great! Sky's class did a little rhythm ensemble with the parents with them. Sky was bang on, but he was so cute that it wouldn't have mattered what he did! Sara was as pretty as a princess in her new dress from Grandma! She did really well with her group song and rhythm ensemble. Then, it was time for her solo piece. She marched right up there, and tried to put her music on the piano. I had copied, taped together, and folded the sheets in such a way that she shouldn't have had any problems. (It was all very scientific!) But, in the hustle and bustle the paper got folded the wrong way and she couldn't get it to stay open! I was having a heart attack! Sara was very calm, though. She just put up the paper with the first page showing. She played till the end of that page, and then stopped. She was thinking hard, then she looked at us. I whispered to Joshua, "She doesn't know what to do!" I was about to freak! Joshua motioned for her to keep going. She looked at the page again, then reached up and flipped it over to the second side! Smart girl! She played the second page and it was over! I was so proud of her! I asked her later if she was scared and she said "No, but I forgot to bow." I said that was O.K. because lots of kids forgot to bow. She was happy to know there was another recital in the Spring, so she could do it again! Hope you enjoy these pictures!
Sara mentally going over her song before the recital started.Sky playing with his program while he waited.Sara playing the triangle for her rhythm ensemble.Playing "Music Lessons"Sky and Mommy playing bells with his rhythm ensemble.

Happy smiles after a job well done! Aren't they cute?!


Karen said...

SOOO cute. She looks all grown up! I wish I could've heard her... I felt like I was there just reading it! (I got a little nervous too:)

Anonymous said...

Good job (everyone)! Thank you for sharing:)Ms Jennifer