Wednesday, February 27, 2008

That's The Kind Of Week It's Been

This was the scene just before supper tonight. Our car suddenly decided that it was not going to go any faster than 15 km per hour. After a call to the Toyota dealership, we were told that the car's computer was thinking that the car was on a slippery surface (there is no ice on the roads right now). So, it was engaging the ABS (automatic brake system) and not letting the car accelerate. Fortunately, Joshua was the one driving the car when this happened. I was at home with 5 kids, and he had taken a load of stuff to the Goodwill drop-off. ( He came home from work early, because he wasn't feeling well. Then, after being in a house with 5 active, wonderful children, he decided he needed some fresh air!) He called to say that he was crawling home at 15 km/h! We have free road side assistance from Toyota, so we called them to send a tow truck. The guy arrived after about an hour, and took the car to the dealership. The service shop had closed already, so Joshua left the keys in the night drop. Hopefully tomorrow they will be able to fix the problem without much hassle. They seemed to be familiar with what was happening...

I've been babysitting every day this week, so it's been busy around here! Inspite of the nice weather and lots of outdoor play, the kids have been so scrappy with each other. I've needed lots of grace to deal with the fights, bossiness and tattle-taling that's been going on. I'm not the only one, though. I have some other friends who are having similar weeks! Yesterday was the worst, and I'm afraid I lost my patience more than once. Today was better. And tomorrow - well, to borrow a phrase from my favourite movie - it's "fresh, with no mistakes in it!" Here is a picture from one of the happy, friendly moments we had today!

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