Thursday, February 21, 2008

Zoo Adventures!

Today was a busy day! First, we went to the chiropractor, then we met a friend for coffee at Starbuck's, and then we headed to the zoo! Joshua's Uncle Peter and Aunt Derry gave us season passes to the zoo for Christmas. The Calgary Zoo is actually open year round, but for obvious reasons, we haven't wanted to go since we received our gift at Christmas! I was thinking that it was a shame we had already wasted almost 2 months of our membership. Then, when we went to get our photo ID cards made, they activated the passes effective today! That was exciting! It was another warm, sunny day today. We had so much fun and the animals were so active! I got some great pictures, so I'll just let those tell you our story for the day.

Sky enjoying his PB and J in short sleeves!!! The sun was so nice and warm!

Cheesy (or should I say peanut-buttery!) grin!
Petting the Ankylosouraus! There is a Prehistoric Park that's part of the zoo. We'd never explored there before, so it was all very new and exciting!
The new sting ray exhibit was very cool!
Learning all about elephants!
Sara was very enthralled with the touch screen on this one!

The zoo's baby elephant opening wide for her bottle!

Sky loves the porcupines.

The giraffes are always eating.

Zebras are so fascinating to me - I would say they are my favourite at the zoo. This one posed nicely for me!

Sara took this picture....

And Sky took this picture! Pretty good, eh?!

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