Monday, February 25, 2008

Happy Birthday, Sara!

Sara turned 7 years old yesterday! I'm going to borrow something from my friend, Judith, and write a little birthday tribute. Judith does this for each person in her family on their birthdays and I've enjoyed reading them over the past year.

Sara came into this world on February 24, 2001, at 2:34 in the morning after 23 hours of labour! She was born at home, on the floor beside our bed. (On purpose!) The gentle, loving hands of Brenda, our midwife, helped her into this world and into my tired arms. (Joshua was holding me!) Sara's eyes were open wide as soon as her head popped out! We didn't even hear her cry for several hours - she was too busy looking around! Seven years later, Sara is still a very observant little girl. She loves to watch people. She loves to be with people too. But, when she's with a group of people, you won't always find Sara right in the middle. Often, you'll find her off to the side, watching and soaking it all in. It might look like she's not interested or involved, but she doesn't miss a thing! When she gets home from Sunday School or music lessons, she will role play the whole scenario over again! If I want to find out what she learned, I just have to listen in on her play time later!

Here are some of Sara's favourites....

Colours - Pinks, Purples and Red
Fruit - strawberries, raspberries, kiwi, and mango
Activities - playing with friends, playing outside, singing, role-playing/dress-up, riding her scooter, skiing, ice skating
School Subject - Math
Style - anything that sparkles and glitters - the flashier, the better!
Kid's shows on T.V. - Berenstein Bears, Franklin and Timothy Goes to School
Dessert - apple pie, ice cream and anything chocolate!

If asked to come up with an acrostic for her name, this is what I would say...

Sweet and Sassy
Ready (to try new things and go new places)

From the minute Sara was born, she turned my ideas about motherhood upside down! Being Sara's mom has been a full of challenges, but I wouldn't trade my little princess for any other little girl in the world! Sara is everything that I am not....and yet, she is very much the same as me. She is teaching me so much through her life. Things that will take a lifetime to learn. Sara is a free spirit and a dreamer. She declares to the world, every day, that it's O.K. to be yourself. No matter how much of a damper I can be sometimes, she has something in her that refuses to be quenched. When she grows up, Sara wants to drive a pink Jeep! And I know that someday, she will, because she's just that kind of girl! I call her my princess-tomboy. That's really the best description yet!

I thought you might enjoy seeing some pictures of Sara from the younger years! I'm going to try to include one from each year of her life.

1 year old - first summer in Canada.

2 years old - on vacation in B.C.

3 years old - after Sky was born, she had to learn to fend for herself!

4 years old - "reading" bedtime stories to Sky!

5 years old - creating a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

6 years old - singing and dancing and just being Sara!

I love you little girl! With everything in me. I pray God will give me the wisdom to teach you and train you in the way that you should go. And may I learn how to be your friend - not just your mother. Thank you for 7 years of love, adventure, and smiles!


Karen said...

I tried to comment earlier, but I guess it didn't work! Great post! It's such a trip back... Sara is growing into a beautiful young lady! Very quickly too! I can just see her personality shining through!

Jody and Emily Jennings said...

No begging necessary, I've been meaning to put you on the good excuse for why I haven't. I tried to comment this morning and go ahead and put you on the list thing, but our internet was down for some odd reason. Check later...

Ellen Cone said...

Peggy, this is precious! I cannot believe she is 7! I still recall meeting you guys on your preview visit to the seminary and then getting to know you when Josh became a student and the great times I had with y'all and keeping Sara a couple of times...woah! She is just adorable!

Miriam Warkentin said...

Lordy, girl, you made me cry!!!!!!!! What a special and blessed little girl Sara is to have such a great Mommy ...

Heidi Reimer said...

I enjoy reading your blog and keeping in touch with your life. Your family is beautiful and you all look so happy. The post about Sara is very sweet.

Jennifer Hauser said...

Very sweet post:) Hope you are having a great week!