Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy New Year + Christmas Eve Pics

It's already 3 days into the new year and I need to officially say, "Happy New Year!" I've been doing a lot of reminiscing and contemplating about life and "stuff." I don't necessarily make resolutions or goals, but there are always things that I'd like to do differently or make sure that they stay the same or get rid of altogether! I'm still thinking and writing things down. I'll share them in a few days. For now, here are some pictures from Christmas Eve. Joshua's Uncle Peter and Aunt Derry always host a party/dinner at their house. A few families weren't able to be there there this year, but we still had a fun and memorable time!

Sara and Sky had so much fun with Julia, their second cousin!
Me and Opa (100 years old!) He was entertaining himself and everyone else by balancing his cane by itself!
Sky and Grandpa (Joshua's dad)
Sara and Julia taking a break
Julia, and her mom, Meghan.
Aunt Derry put the guys to work helping with the food preparations. Joshua did a great job with the cheese platter.
Joshua's dad working on the meat platter.
One of the two festive tables
Here are the kids opening a few presents after dinner. The girls were so excited because they got the same things!
This concludes any Christmas pictures I have. I actually managed to forget the camera at Uncle Peter and Aunt Derry's house that night! I have had the worst time keeping track of that camera this Christmas season! I'm just a mess! We were able to get the camera back on Christmas afternoon, but I totally missed out on Christmas morning gift opening. Ah well, I now hold the memories in my heart! Probably everyone appreciated the fact that I didn't have the camera constantly in their face anyway!
This is the only picture I took Christmas day. 4 generations of men in the family! Opa is 100, Dad is 60, Joshua is 30 and Sky is 5!

May your 2009 be filled with many blessings!


geisme said...

Peggy, you'll so appreciate the generations picture. I had ours professionally done, not that they turned out great- in fact I think I like yours better. I hope you got 1 of Sara in there as well. :)
Happy New Year!

Jennifer said...

Happy New Year to you!! Wow, all four guys look a like*smile*
Have a great week