Monday, January 5, 2009

Giveaway Results!

So, a few weeks ago, I decided (very spontaneously!) to do a little giveaway. Because it was so very spontaneous, I didn't plan very well, and the busyness of Christmas and New Year kind of got in the way of bringing everything to a conclusion. If you didn't have a chance to enter, I apologize for not making a bigger deal about it all. I asked a question, which was buried in my post "Christmas Party."

The question was, "Do you know the country of origin of the poinsettia?" There were 4 ladies who answered the question and they were all correct! The poinsettia came from Mexico! This was one new thing I learned this Christmas! I had never heard that before.

O.K., so a few days ago, I put the names in a bowl, and Sky drew one out for me. The winner is....Markay! Congratulations! (Markay, if you could send me your address through a message on Facebook, that would be great!)

And, this is what Markay won! A mini stocking from BeautiControl (I am a consultant, but I don't do much with it right now). It contains 4 minis from last year's Christmas collection, Naughty and Nice. There is Bodylicious Bathing Creme, Snow Angel Body Sorbet (my personal favourite!), Glitzy Body Shimmer, and Mistletoe Kisses Linen Mist.

This year, one of my blogging goals it to have a contest/giveaway for each month. Maybe that's a little ambitious for a novice like me, so we'll see how it goes! Stay tuned for the January giveaway - I'll post the details later this week!


Sarah M. said...

I need to do a Pay it Forward giveaway soon. I am having trouble even writing on my blog right now!!

markay714 said...

Thanks! Way cool. I have a little diavitchka (Russian for girl) in my lap who will LOVE helping me use it! It is so fun to win something. It will be fun coming up with a give away for our blog, too.


Miriam said...

You gave me one of these after Nicolas was born and I loved it. Markay is going to love this!!

Have a great week, my dear!

Sarah M. said...

I'm not even really sure what the "Pay it Forward" giveaway entails, I just won one, and I think I'm supposed to keep it going... It may be linked to the idea in the movie... which I chose not to see..... I'm sure I can figure it out:-)

GE is me said...

YAY! For Markay! Congrats on winning. I actually just won a doodle off of
Peggy, how can I link to you & Karen on facebook?
Sending lots of hugs your way!

NLSC said...

I'm inspired, Peggy. (And yes, I am "blessed, encouraged, and made to smile" by your blog. You're the reason I started my own.) Thanks for the great idea! Now, what shall I give away this month?