Tuesday, December 9, 2008

"Oh, the Weather Outside is Frightful..."

"...but the fire (or maybe I should say, furnace) is so delightful!" It has been snowing every day now for a week! Finally! Today it was A LOT! I had to go out this afternoon to take Sky to his music class and then to the grocery store for a couple of things. It was snowing like crazy and the roads are definitely frightful right now! I'm so thankful we have a four wheel drive Toyota Highlander! It really makes a huge difference. After coming home, I poked my head out the door one more time to take a few pictures for you.

Here's what it looks like out the back door...... and what it looks like out my front door!

Brrrr! It's cold, but pretty! Joshua took the kids to ski racing lessons tonight, so I'm alone as I type this. Don't get too excited for me - I've been cleaning up and doing laundry - but at least it's quiet!
The weekend was fun, but too busy. The highlight for me was seeing the musical presentation of The Chronicles of Narnia on Saturday night. The church that did the production did an amazing job! It was truly enchanting for me. Sara and Sky absolutely loved it! Their eyes were glued to that stage from the minute the play started, till the closing scene. It was over two hours long, with only a ten minute intermission, but they couldn't get enough of it! We have been reading the book out loud in the evenings, so it was really neat to see it all come to life like that!
On Sunday evening, Sara and Sky performed in their Christmas piano recital. They both did a great job and we were very proud! Grandma and Grandpa and Auntie Shannon came to support the budding musicians as well. Afterwards, we all went out for supper together. There are no pictures because I forgot the camera! And I realized that, about 5 minutes after I realized I had forgotten to prepare a snack to take for after the recital!! (Everyone was supposed to bring a plate of something.) Yes, I have officially lost my mind with all the busyness! One of the other moms in Sky's class took some pictures for me, and she has promised to e-mail them to me. Hopefully I will get those soon and then I will post them!


geisme said...

The snow looks beautiful. I remember when I was about Sara's age, we lived in Spokane, WA & it seems we always had snow. Then I moved east- everyone was talking about(and still does!)the blizzard of '78. I don't think they've had that much snow here since then. :)
It did snow a bit this past Sun. am, not really enough to make snowmen, but the girls wanted to. We told them next time. :)
btw- I was just on Judith's site, but unable to comment??

Miriam said...

You got more snow today??? It's been a snow-free day here but we're still wading through the 5 1/2 inches we got on Sunday. We got to take Nicolas out in a toboggan ride for the first time and he just laughed and laughed and laughed!! I'll have to post some Facebook photos soon.

Mindy said...

We've had rain the past two days, yesterday it never stopped raining. We are pretty much soaked through to the bones. BUT...we needed it badly.

I wish we got more snow here in Tennessee but such it life in the south. I love the look of snow on the ground before people get out and mess it up. Everything so pristine and quiet.

Nadine said...

Man ...you would think we live thousands of miles apart from each other...you guys have so much snow!...Gabriel wants that white stuff so very badly...me..a nice beach in Mexico would be nicer...not much of a whiter fan since I have put on 60lbs...
I know I know...still haven't called...I WILL!...Seriously!
Got to run to speech therapy for Paul...big assessment today...
Wish us luck...we are going to need it...he hates being "bugged"

Take care