Thursday, December 4, 2008

This Is The Day That The Lord Has Made...

...I will rejoice and be glad in it! It's already Thursday! It hasn't been terribly busy this week, but I've been sick again. I had a sore throat last week for a few days, but it went away quickly. On Sunday, it came back with a vengeance. By Tuesday I had a fever and some other unmentionable symptoms. My throat was so swollen, that I was having panic attacks Monday night, feeling like my airway would close up! I was afraid to go to sleep for fear that I would stop breathing and never wake up! LOL! I'm not a bit dramatic, am I?! Ha! Just ask my mom! Although, I'm not nearly as bad as my sister, Heidi (age 13)! :-) Anyway...I went to see my herbalist and he fixed me up with some good stuff. He made me take some of the pills before I even left the store, and I was already feeling slightly better. A bit more expensive than going to the doctor, but WAY more helpful and without the 2 hour wait! (There are no doctors accepting new patients in our town right now, so I would have had to go to the walk-in clinic.) Today, I'm still feeling yucky, but the sore throat is subsiding.

Yesterday I had the first visit from Monica, our homeschool facilitator. It went O.K. I ended up crying a lot, probably just because I was feeling so yucky, combined with my recent frustrations with school. When we asked Sara to go downstairs, so we could talk privately, she would not obey. After I finally got her downstairs, she screamed her head off the whole time, so much so that Sky started crying from the stress of it all. I was too tired to be very embarrassed, but I'm sure my blood pressure went up a notch or two! We finally got everything discussed and then Sara read a short story for Monica. She did well. After sharing where we are at with Math this year, Monica thought it might be a good idea to get Sara "tested," in order for us to know how to teach her more effectively. I contacted my friend, Sherry, the one who I talked to about mediated learning last month. She's a Christian, homeschooling mom who does mediated learning testing. Basically, this kind of testing doesn't just identify "problems," but it helps with finding out how a child thinks and learns. We're going to talk on Friday about what the next step will be. She's such a wonderful, compassionate person and said she was confident she could help Sara. I'm quite sure she will make this as painless and "fun" as possible. It makes me feel better to know that I've made the first step. After so many years of feeling like a failure and going up and down on a roller coaster with Sara, I'm really praying that this will give me the tools I need to be a better parent and teacher. I love my daughter so much, but I just don't "get" her and I feel guilty about that all the time. I'll keep you posted as we go along with this.

Tomorrow we were supposed to go to the Little Red Riding Hood play, but I've decided to give away the tickets. I'm still feeling tired and yucky and I need my strength for the busy weekend. I posted on a homeschool forum that I'm a member of, that I had 3 free tickets. One mom was interested, but I'm waiting to hear back from her. Even if no one takes them, I'm still not going. The tickets were only $6.50 each, so that's not going to bankrupt me!

So, today and tomorrow are rest days, with only school on the agenda. There might be some laundry to fold, but I guess I can handle that!


Jennifer said...

I love you girl and I will be praying for you and Sara

Kerry Shealy said...

I hope you feel better soon! I wish I could bring you some soup and peppermint tea.

Making the first step to help Sara is a good thing. I get really frustrated with my kids during school sometimes, too. It's a hard thing to admit because I want to be a supermom, but I fail in so many ways. I think I'm going to switch curriculum's for one of mine even though it is the middle of the year. He isn't "getting it" and I don't want him to be frustrated when he has just begun school. I'm taking the first step, too!

Miriam said...

Seems like it's been a tough for both of us, hasn't it? I've shed my share of tears too so I feel your pain. Remember that I'm praying for you too and you're always welcome to call for a dose of laughter, the best medicine. Love ya, chickie!

geisme said...

@ Kerry- I've been feeling icky too!!! Could you please wish me some soup & pep. tea? :)


1) I'm praying for you- health, against the frustration & for better communication with you & Sara & throughout the house.
2)In talking to my girlfriend about homeschooling she said, you need to remember WHY you are homeschooling- is it really for the educational value- although we want/need our children to learn the basics to survive; isn't it really that we don't want them learning the "world's values" & we want to teach them to have Godly characters.
Hope this helps to refocus your perspective.
Hugs, -Gail