Monday, May 21, 2007

Are We Having Fun Yet?

So, this is the sight that greeted me when I got up this morning - and it's still snowing! I am no longer enamored with the beauty of my city! The weekend started out great with mostly sunny skies and a temp of 21 (C). Yesterday, it was quite a bit cooler, but we braved a family outing to Heritage Park (more on that later), and after the sun peeked through the clouds a few times, it gave up and disappeared forever. We were forced to beat a hasty retreat to the car when the temperature dropped and the rain started. In spite of the rain for the rest of the day, I never guessed it would turn to snow! I think we've decided to hang out at the mall today. At least there we can't see the snow out the windows anymore! Stay tuned for pictures of our few hours of fun yesterday.....

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