Wednesday, May 2, 2007

How would YOU make a guitar?

I have to brag on my son a bit! He is so creative sometimes that I'm amazed! He came into the office the other night to show me his "guitar." It consisted of a plastic baseball bat and a foam shield! The shield has armbands attached to the back, so you can slip your arm in for a sword fight or whatever. Well, Sky decided to slip the bat in there and it made the perfect guitar! He even "played" me a few songs! It was too cute and very creative!

Yesterday was mostly uneventful. Sara has been taking a multi-sport class at the nearest recreation center. The purpose of the class was to learn the basic rules and skills for all the different sports. They covered soccer, baseball, basketball, badminton, hockey and maybe more, but we missed a couple with all our sickness. Yesterday was her last class, and I didn't want her to miss it just because I was sick. So, I managed to get all of us out the door for that. She had fun, and they even let Sky join in this time. The class is for 6-10 year olds, so Sky sits there every week wishing he could be big enough. They were playing hockey and the teacher said he could join the others. He was sooo excited and it totally made his day! After that we spent a few minutes at the library (which is in the same building) and then headed home.

I'm feeling better, but still running a low-grade fever. That cough syrup with codeine is the best stuff! It really keeps my coughing to a minimum, for which I am most grateful! My mother-in-law is driving down from Edmonton (three hours north) to bring supper and spend the night. It's a long drive just for supper, but she's just that way! Very much a servant! She's also going to babysit while Joshua and I go to our small group, so that will be nice.

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Karen said...

I'm surprised you can stay awake codeine always knocks me out! (For that reason I think it's pretty good stuff too :)