Friday, May 4, 2007

My Sisters

For those of you who haven't seen or heard from me since the Life Action days, I thought you might want to see a recent photo of my little sisters! They are growing up and really not so little anymore! Heather is 14 (!), Heidi will be 12 next month, Holly is 9, and Hannah is almost 7! My family is still in El Paso, TX being missionaries and homeschooling the girls. The last time we got to see them, was in November 2005, so we really miss them a lot. We are so far apart and travel of any kind is so expensive. We're hoping to work out something soon!

In other news....Sara and Sky are now coughing. I feel so bad! Fortunately, no more runny noses, so hopefully after a few days of cough syrup, they'll be O.K. Please pray for our family's healing. This has been a very discouraging month and my energy is so low. I find myself being very cranky and impatient with the kids, too. I feel so rotten because I know they don't feel good either. And it turned out that what I thought was ribs out of place are really pulled muscles. All I can do is ice the area and just wait for it to get better. Sara and Sky's gymnastics coach confirmed today that those are some of the most painful muscles to pull! What next, eh?! I do thank the Lord that no one is in the hospital or anything like that! It could be worse! I trust this post finds the rest of you in wonderful, good health. I've realized how much I take healthy bodies for granted.

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Lindsey Jacobs said...

Hey Peggy, LOVE your blog. I have one, but it only has one measly entry, so I'm not brave enough to give it out to anyone yet! Last I knew, you only 3 sisters! So, now I'm up to date on sweet Hannah!