Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Surviving (Part 2)

Today was hard. Sara had a really rough day. She whined, she complained, she bugged her brother incessantly, she was bored, she made messes, she was tired....and she got a lot of spankings. Poor baby. Maybe I was too hard on her? I don't know. I just know that tomorrow is a new day and it's "fresh, with no mistakes in it!"

Sky didn't take a nap, so he cried about every little thing from about 3 o'clock on through the evening. After supper (thank God I had leftovers to heat up), I gave them baths, made them clean up their toys, and bundled them up in bed. It's a good night to be bundled. It started snowing at 9:30 p.m. and is now accumulating on the deck and patio table. I covered the garden plants with boxes, but there are just too many flowers to save. I hope they can make it through the night.

We did go to my friend, Trina's house today, and the kids had a couple of happy hours there. She fed us a nice lunch before we headed home. She's always so thoughtful.

I got the house vacuumed and the dishes all washed up today, so that made me feel better. Things were looking pretty trashed around here! Tomorrow I have to crack down on the laundry. You know, it's funny, you think your husband never does anything around the house until he's away for awhile! Boy, am I surprised at all the work I have to do this week!

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