Thursday, May 17, 2007

Fun at the Park!

This has been a busy week for our family. We've had all the normal busy stuff during the day, but the evenings have been very full as well. So far, three out of the five days in this week, we've gone to a playground to burn off excess energy. (And it wasn't my excess energy! I wish!) The highlight of everything was probably Monday evening. Just as I was getting ready to fix supper that evening, Joshua called, and said, come pick me up, let's eat out and play at the park! I was more than happy to oblige, so I packed the kids in the car, and we headed downtown to get Daddy. (He normally takes the bus home.) Sky wouldn't take a nap that afternoon, so he fell asleep on the way there. When Daddy pulled him out of his car seat in the parking lot a few minutes later, he had the sweetest little smile of delight on his face! It was precious! We went to the Spaghetti Factory for supper and had more food than we could handle in one sitting! And, all the meals come with free ice cream for dessert! It doesn't get any better than that! Then we headed to Eau Claire Park, which is right in the heart of downtown and runs along the river. It was so beautiful - the grass is a brilliant green throughout the city right now, the trees are budding and blossoming, and the Canadian geese are pooping everywhere! Yep, it's springtime! Joshua told the kids to go pet the geese, just so he could see the chase! Sky couldn't figure out why the geese wouldn't let him pet them! We also had fun at the big playground there. Sara amazed us with the way she can flip over a bar all by herself! She's been doing that in gymnastics for years, but the coaches are always helping. We had no idea she was so agile on her own! Here are the pictures to prove it.
Here she goes.....
Over, over....Ta da! She did it!

In other news, Joshua is out of town today and tomorrow. I guess I've never said in my blog what Joshua does! He started working for Canadian Western Bank in September 2006, and is going through a two year, manager training program. So far, he loves it and it has been a good fit for him. So, this morning, he flew to British Columbia (we just say B.C.) to fill in for a Manager of Sales and Service position at a branch there. He's just getting the lay of the land for these two days, will be home for the weekend, and then goes back for all of next week. Here's a little education for my American friends. This weekend coming up is a long weekend in Canada. Monday is Victoria Day. It means nothing, just an extra day off! So, we call it the May long weekend. My mom laughs when I say that! We do not celebrate Memorial Day here, so we get our long weekend before Americans do, that's all. Oh, and the May long weekend is the last weekend you can head to the mountains to go skiing! (Our favorite hill is about an hour and half from Calgary.) Crazy, eh?! Even Joshua, who loves skiing, isn't that committed! We usually quit going on ski trips the end of March or very beginning of April. Wow, was that a rabbit trail or what?!! I'm really good at those! All that to say that the kids and I will be going crazy by the end of next week, but I'm sure we'll survive! There's always the evening run to the playground!

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