Saturday, May 12, 2007

Cherry Tree Blossoms and Gardens

It must have happened overnight. I looked out my bedroom window, down at the backyard, and the cherry tree was covered in blossoms! It's so beautiful that I had to share! We've also been gradually putting in the vegetable garden this past week. The kids have had so much fun helping with that! So far, we've planted potatoes, onions, tomatoes, yellow and orange peppers, and pumpkins. We have carrot seeds too, so they'll be next. Below is Sky proudly holding "his" potatoes. Joshua bought red potatoes and white potatoes. Sara got to help plant the red ones while Sky was taking his nap. Then, Sky got to help plant the white potatoes later in the evening! So, now we have Sara's row of potatoes and Sky's row! They also picked out "his" and "her" carrot seeds! Today, we also planted some new perennials to replace the ones that froze when it rained/snowed two weeks ago. We also filled our big wooden buckets (half whiskey barrels) with annuals. It looks so festive and colorful! Now we pray there will be no more frosty nights. I will be more vigilant about checking the weather and covering everything this time around.
When I was out planting and watering today, I actually worked up a bit of a sweat! That's an exciting day in Calgary! It's been so nice to have the windows open too, and feel warm air coming in the house. And I love it that the kids can play outside without needing to be bundled all the time! The T.V. has been watched very little this past week and no one seems to miss it! Yay! It was starting to be a major addiction for Sky, in particular. I will admit that Mommy is just as addicted - not because I watch, but because it gets the kids out of my hair! I know, it's bad. Anyway - rabbit trail - we are just so happy that Summer is near. We are loving the sunshine!
P.S. This post took two days to write, so that's why it's dated the 12th, but you didn't actually see it that day! I can't figure out how to change the date!

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Jeff, Judith, Lauren, Emily, Daniel, Amy, and Joel said...

Great pictures.
As to how to change the date...push edit on that post, at the bottom of the post you will see post options, push that, you will next see to the right a place for date and time, type in when you want the post dated. I hope that helps.