Monday, May 21, 2007

Heritage Park Historical Village

All winter we wait for the May long weekend when Heritage Park opens for the season! It's step back in time, a slower pace of life for a few hours. There is so much there, we learn something new everytime. Of course, there's the stuff we have to do EVERY time we go! We have to ride the real train that puffs it's way around the huge park. We have to stop by the bakery and buy cheese buns and sausage rolls for lunch. (Baked in wood burning stoves.) We have to visit the Midway where they have old-fashioned rides like a merry-go-round, Ferris wheel and dangler swings (see picture). But, that's not even the absolute favorite part. Sky couldn't wait to go so he could buy rock candy at the general store! Sara was really looking forward to the ice cream parlour, but it started raining before we got there. Poor child, I'll have to get her an extra big scoop the next time we go! Actually, there were lots of things that we missed out on because of the rain, but we still had lots of fun! We rode ALL the rides in the Midway. Well, except for the big Ferris wheel - Joshua and I don't like those so much! Seriously, they terrify me! They have a mini Ferris wheel for little ones, and that made for some happy smiles, as you can see below! We also rode the train and stopped to visit the farm animals. The mama pig had a new litter of piglets again! For lunch we decided to put tradition aside for the day, and eat at the old Wainright Hotel there. Very quaint dining room, and pretty good food, but really terrible service! They were more busy than they knew what to do with. And there was this table next to us with a table full of really old people in wheelchairs, with bibs and everything. I tried to think nice thoughts as long as I possibly could, but the sights and sounds soon became more than we could handle. It was just so sad, but honestly it was gross! I don't know how their caretakers do it. God bless them! Anyway, that was one of my rabbit trails! After lunch we made bought the long-awaited rock candy, and then had to hurry back to the car. We came home for a rest and then headed out into the rain again to our favorite pasta restaurant for supper. That helped end the day on a happy note!


Jen said...

did you get your hair cut? it's cute in the new just me picture! sounds like you had a fun day at the village.

Peggy said...

Yes, I got it cut in February. I love it! It was time for something new! (Sara took that picture of me yesterday - didn't she do a great job?!)

Karen said...

It sound like SOOO Much fun! I'm so glad you got the long family time before Joshua's trip! This Heritage Park sound so cool!