Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Sugaring (It's not as sweet as you think!)

So, does anyone know about body sugaring? No, it's not a sugar scrub - it's hair removal! It's the new "waxing", but very natural and supposedly not as painful. Ha! Ha! I am here to say it hurts just as one would expect when you rip hair off your legs! Joshua was the one who actually first heard about body sugaring and told me about it. Knowing my hatred for shaving and constantly having razor burn, he said I should try it. So, as Spring approached, I decided it would be nice to have nice, hair free legs for the summer! I went for my first session in March, intending to have my full legs done. Well, it was so painful for me, and took so long, that my sugarist and I decided to just do the lower legs. Then, right when I would have gone for my next appointment, we decided to spend a night in the mountains where there was - a pool! I tried to book a quick appointment, but she was gone for the weekend. I was forced to shave the lovely locks I had been saving up! (You have to not shave for at least ten days, but I had waited like three weeks!) Then, we got sick for over a month and I didn't want to add that to my list of pain and misery.

Finally, today was the day! My friend/babysitter, Charity, came along for the ride and took the kids to the park while I underwent my torture. I really wish I had before and after pictures. You girls would laugh so hard! My sugarist assured me that this second time wouldn't hurt nearly as bad as the first time, but it did. She also said, the second leg wouldn't hurt as bad as the first leg. I said, that's what you said last time, through my teeth clenched in pain. She said it wasn't as bad as labor. I think I disagreed with that too. It's just that it only lasted for an hour - not 23! But, in the end, we persevered, and she did both legs all the way! Seven hours later, I still look like I have the measles, but I am hair free! So, you ask, what is sugaring? Well, it really is all natural. She takes a big handful of some very stiff and sticky substance that kind of looks like honey or corn syrup, but a lot thicker. She spreads it on a section of skin with her fingers against the growth of the hair. The sugar stuff softens with your body heat and then she quickly pulls off the sugar with the growth of your hair, and everything comes out with it. That's the "ow" part! This is repeated until my legs are completely red and throbbing! The good things about sugaring are that it can never burn your skin as with waxing, and it doesn't cause as many ingrown hairs.

So, you should try it! Trust me, it's not that bad!


Jen said...

very good on your english skills!

big smiles go your way. i'd love to see pics of your place. i think it's kind of neat to see how other people live and decorate, etc. can't wait for those posts!


Peggy said...

You'll have to read Jen's latest post to see why I have such great English skills!

Jen, I have the camera in my lap and going to take pictures right now!